Our work

Our work

We strive to become a long-term and reliable business partner for our clients, always trying to find the best solutions, while maintaining the ability to implement new technologies and innovate.


Save the nature and improve communication

Communicate with friends with your own emojis. Connect to foreign language speakers and translate messages instantly, sell your emojis, win prices, help people and to save the nature!

The Run Slovakia

Longest relay race in Slovakia

Run Slovakia is the first interactive relay race in Slovakia to connect the east and the west. Over 500 km long trails go through the significant natural, historical and cultural monuments, with innovative mobile apps for runners and fans.

The Run Slovakia app screen 1
The Run Slovakia app screen 2
The Run Slovakia app screen 3


The smartest taxi you have ever seen

Order a taxi without a phone call & waiting for the best prices. Have everything about your ride in your phone.

Smarttaxi app screen 1
Smarttaxi app screen 2
Smarttaxi app screen 3

Skill lab

Your movement evolution

Skilllab app screen 1
Skilllab app screen 2

Hells Bells Club

For everyday bike riders

Hells Bells Club app screen 1
Hells Bells Club app screen 2

Fresh Garden

Unique healthy fast food concept

It combines fast-food cooking with a healthy and rational diet. Have your membership points and menu everywhere you go in your phone.

Freshgarden app screen 1
Freshgarden app screen 2
Freshgarden app screen 3


Fashion from everyday street life

IllDeal helps you discover outfit ideas, style your own looks and shop products you love from the world’s top brands and retailers that you can be one of – it is a fashion inspiration you can buy and trade!

Illdeal app screen 1
Illdeal app screen 2
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Keep in touch with your roots

KITnDO is a community-driven website helping you to discover local connections to your origins. This can be used whether you or your family arrived 100 years or 100 days ago to a new country. Anywhere in the world, when you need a taste of home, want to introduce your children to their heritage, or learn more about your own traditions, you are in the right place. KITnDO is meant for everyone to share, to enrich with new places, to provide reviews & pictures, and to become an active part of our thriving community.

KITnDO app screen 2